Seven Up! We will drink to that. 

Adrian Gilbert, MD SX3 Latest Insights on the Claims Sector SX3 has now reached its 7th year anniversary, representing 20% of my working life (see final paragra [...]

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Sustainable solutions need to be built on solid foundations – quality data is the “Holy Grail”

Claims Managers are constantly looking for opportunities to improve customer experience, reduce operating costs, improve decision making and empower their teams [...]

Adrian Gilbert – Lessons from 35 Years in Claims

I recently celebrated (yes celebrated!) 35 years in insurance.  And before you ask, yes, I was very young when I started. Reaching that milestone made me reflec [...]

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SX3 Extends its Associate Network to Include Ireland

SX3's professional associate network now includes claims experts resident in Ireland. Until now, SX3 Associates, numbering over 40 experienced Claims profession [...]