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Build your consultancy with SX3

If you are a self employed consultant or thinking of becoming one, we can help.
As an Associate of SX3, you can leverage our platform to market your skills and experience, while also having instant access to the infrastructure of an established  Claims consultancy business.

SX3 is currently expanding its network of Associate Consultants in all areas.  Of particular interest just now, are individuals with a background in Motor or Property claims management, including:

  • Technical Claims Handling
  • Reserving
  • Claims handling best practice
  • Claims operational management

The benefits of working with SX3


SX3 is a recognised brand with a reputation for fresh thinking, innovation and flexibility, and a proven track record of delivering value to clients.

Registered Company

As an Associate of SX3, there is no need to set up your own company. You can obtain your own work, using SX3 as your umbrella.

Shared Knowledge

You’ll have access to a large pool of knowledge shared by all SX3 Associates and our management team.

Are you a consultant already?

We can help develop your client base. Working with SX3 can develop existing client business and help convert prospects into clients. We have a strong track record in winning new client work. We can help develop the service proposition to your clients with our product range and through our knowledge of pricing and customer preferences as well as adding weight to your proposal through our branding.

Want to become a Consultant?

If you are thinking about becoming a consultant or perhaps facing the prospect of redundancy, please get in touch for a free consultation. We can share our experiences of setting up as a consultant and give you a flavour of life as a consultant. We can also help you with the transition from an employee to a consultant.

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