Resource Solutions

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Resource Solutions

SX3 Resource Solutions incorporates the following services:

  • Interim placements
  • Redundancy support
  • Candidate screening
  • Head hunting
  • Mentoring

The responsive operating model

Our consultants are sourced from the SX3 Associates network. This dynamic UK-wide network of over 35 UK based senior claims professionals who are self-employed but contracted to SX3.

The network is dynamically managed by SX3 for competence and professional standards to ensure we can deliver you scale and breadth on demand, whilst crucially whilst enabling costs to be tightly managed without loss of quality.

Interim placements

You have access to SX3’s network of experts in claims handling, people management, systems development, supply chain management, project work and audit who are able to fill gaps in your resource as and when required. Placements can last for as little as a few weeks up to 6 months. This is particularly useful for covering absences, during busy periods or providing additional capacity for projects.

Candidate screening

We find the best candidates for your vacancies by screening all applications. We provide fixed priced telephone interviews, focussed on validating the extent of technical experience claimed on candidate CV’s. These are interviews carried out by experienced Technical Claims Managers that can be held during the day or in the evening to suit the applicant.


Laura Phillips
+44 (0)7807 929032


Trade Body – Operational Support
The CEO of a trade body required resource and technical support during a period of absence within their team. We provided an individual with market presence to support with research and meetings.