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Navigating industry challenges with SX3

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At SX3, we provide practical and strategic insights to help our clients navigate the ever-changing Claims landscape. Our experienced team of independent claims professionals offers a comprehensive range of consultancy services from operational transformation and capability overviews to market research and business case support.  

A deep understanding of the industry, combined with a dedication to excellence, our mission is to partner with our clients providing them with the guidance and the tools they need to fully maximise the potential of their claims functions. 

Capability Overviews

A Claims Capability Overview can be as broad or as narrow as required. It can extend across the Claims function, or it can focus on one aspect of it – either way, you’re getting access to a team of consultants that has first-hand experience of leading successful claims operations that have market-leading reputationsThis expertise can identify areas for improvement, providing practical recommendations to optimise your claims handling, reduce spend and increase customer satisfaction.

Business Case Development

The business case development service delivers a comprehensive analysis and independent verification of your business plansOur consultants bring expertise from across the claims industry, giving you practical and strategic insights to help you develop a compelling business case aligned with your organisation’s goals. This will include recommendations to improve feasibility, financial viability, and risk management. 

Market Research

Effective market research provides valuable insights into industry trends, peer group analysis, and best practice for claims handling. Utilising deep understanding of the UK claims market, we conduct thorough, objective research to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your claims strategy. 

Our research includes analysis of handling practices and trends, services comparison, and insights into emerging challenges (and opportunities) arising from areas such as regulatory changes, litigation trends, economic factors and technology.

Supply Chain Management

SX3 can help you optimise your supply chain and improve your claims handling performance through a comprehensive service built on experience. We have expertise in panel reviews, tender process management, supplier due diligence, performance auditing, and market research. 

In addition, we work with you to identify and mitigate risks in your supplier relationships and provide recommendations to improve efficiency and reduce costs. 

Operational Transformation

Transformation programmes are often challenging and can benefit from the practical and strategic insights of our experienced and independent consultancy team. We bring expertise in organisational reviews, strategy, operational design, technology requirements, and customer service.  

SX3 helps clients identify target areas for improvement with practical recommendations. We test assumptions and give down to earth advice as to best practice in the marketplace. Realisation of the anticipated value of the transformation is often a challenge for our clients. We can help optimise your operation, improve your claims handling performance and meet your other objectives. 

Service & Product Development

The claims environment is constantly flexing to the changing landscape within which it operates and thus the need to develop innovative, cost-effective products and services for your Claims function is key.

SX3’s experienced professionals bring practical and strategic insights to help you create compelling value propositions that can meet your objectives, such as improved customer experience, staff engagement and cost control. We can support you every step of the way, from idea generation to launch and beyond, ensuring that the transition to a new service/product delivers the positive outcomes anticipated. 

Awards Applications

Industry awards create valuable recognition for your achievements but the requirements for gaining recognition out of the process is multifaceted and complex. The SX3 awards application service provides insights and practical support to help you effectively compete. We offer a comprehensive range of service from assessing your eligibility for specific awards to practical help in the preparation of award applications.  

At SX3, we strive to bring understanding and empathy to the analysis and articulation of options, recommendations, and actions.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you navigate your Claims challenges.

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Managing Director, SX3
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“SX3 impress with their extensive experience, industry credentials and a large network of useful contacts and suppliers. They demonstrate a great grasp of the market, and have their finger on the pulse of what’s shaping and influencing claims handling in both motor and property claims”
BGL Group Ltd

“SX3 impressed us with their professionalism, market knowledge and expertise”
Graham Hughes
Chief Claims Officer