SX3 Consulting services include:

  • Operational structure / design / TOM development / outsource and offshore
  • Customer servicing – Relationship management, customer surveys, NPS, TCG
  • Counter fraud strategies
  • Market research
  • Awards applications
  • Technology requirements
  • Protocols arrangements
  • Supply chain management – RFI development, RFI management, Research
  • Supplier services – product development, RFI support, market research, competitor analysis, M&A

Insurers, brokers and service providers are constantly facing emerging challenges from law changes, litigation trends, claims inflation and regulation.

SX3 Consultants are experienced, independent claims professionals who bring understanding and empathy to the analysis and articulation of options, recommendations and actions.

Building new claims operations

We have many years’ experience of developing processes, technical practices, operational design – be that insourced, outsourced or a combination of both.

Protocol Development

We are able to work with claimant firms and compensators to develop arrangements that remove friction from the claims process whilst still ensuring outcomes that are acceptable to clients and regulators.

Strategic Development

Insurers, brokers and service providers are constantly facing emerging challenges from law changes, litigation trends, claims inflation and regulation. We have the project and technical resources to consider and respond to the developments in the market, providing informed opinion and clear and concise recommendations for action.

Adrian Gilbert
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Motor Claims
A new entrant to the Motor market required a claims department to be built from scratch. We developed a claims handling approach and team culture based upon the values of the business, from which a full suite of handling process, IT systems and in house / supplier resources were developed. The result was a high performing claims operation, with empowered teams and scalability and flexibility through a fully developed supply chain.

Claim Protocol
A Top 5 claimant law firm wanted to implement a new litigation strategy. SX3 engaged with senior claims managers across the market and mapped their appetite to work more closely with the law firm. From the mapping exercise, we outlined a strategy that led to a range of processes being introduced that will reduce friction and lifecycle of claims for both the law firm and the insurers.

Casualty Claims
Actuaries wanted insight into the impact of LASPO on Casualty claims. We provided market insight into the actual impact of LASPO on Casualty claims as compared to the expected impact to inform the insurer’s pricing approach.

Supplier Tender
A defendant law firm wanted help with a tender it was preparing to submit. SX3 set out an insurer’s perspective on what they want to see from the supplier in their tender. We also researched the insurer involved to understand their company culture and claims handling philosophy, then provided challenges to the draft tender to develop and enhance the supplier proposal.

Home Claims
An insurance broker wanted to identify ways it could enhance the service to their clients through the claims process. SX3 mapped the trends in the home claims process, looking at insurer and loss adjuster models, innovation, and emerging technology.

Service Development
An investigation company enlisted our help to develop a new service product. The service provider wanted to diversify its range of services. SX3 consulted with existing and potential new customers to identify current needs. From that, we developed a new claims handling service, identified the resource to deliver the service and a pricing menu.