ThingCo creates SMARTFNOL

ThingCo creates SMARTFNOL

Data-led FNOL

Unlike traditional FNOL, ThingCo’s claims process will be driven almost entirely from the data collected from the ThingCo device – the world’s first aftermarket telematics device to incorporate intelligent voice along with AI, ADAS and HD Cameras.

ThingCo is on track to launch a beta test of the device amongst 1000 motorists before the end of the year.

Motorists with the ThingCo device fitted to their vehicle will have the valuable reassurance that if they have an accident, the claims process will be both transparent and swift, with ThingCo managing the claim from the moment of impact, on behalf of their insurer. Industry Insights will deliver a full suite of claims services from roadside recovery through to vehicle hire and repair via its Connected Solutions partners.

Real-time crash data

The quality and quantity of data from the device will give an unprecedented level of insight into the circumstances of a collision, with real-time crash data including video footage feeding directly into ThingCo’s SMARTFNOL centre.  The crash will prompt the intelligent voice from the device to speak to the driver to check their condition, alerting the medical and recovery services as appropriate.

All the data concerning the collision, the extent of damage to the vehicle will be used to confirm liability and support a speedy claims service, with a smartphone app keeping the customer appraised of progress.

Mike Brockman, CEO of ThingCo said: “Our device will provide motorists with the peace of mind that if they have an accident we have their back – no more ‘he said, she said’ and disputes over liability.

“We are bringing all the right ingredients together to deliver a truly innovative SMARTFNOL solution that will help change consumer expectations around motor insurance claims and assist the sector in cutting claims costs.”