Credit Hire Protocol Audit and Review

Credit Hire Protocol Audit and Review2023-07-27T15:36:12+00:00

In motor claims when looking at Credit Hire, a fundamental decision is whether to be in a protocol or not.


SX3 has found that it is common for motor claims management to be apprehensive about exploring this question because:

  • The scale of the cost saving opportunity is not fully appreciated
  • The litigation risk is or assumed to be significant and overstated
  • That it is too hard to find the breakeven point when updating protocols
  • There is a fear that the skills and resources necessary to manage credit hire cases may be insufficient within the organisation
  • Protocols provide a degree of comfort to insurers which may be jeopardised in the absence of a protocol

Motor claims functions are demanding  independent assessment and advice, recognising that it can deliver commercial results.  That is why we are offering the SX3 Credit Hire Protocol Audit and Review service.

Led by a senior, highly experienced, motor claims expert, SX3 offers an adaptable audit and review service that claims functions can use to assess the scale of the opportunity for their business and, if appropriate, help them consider any issues with existing protocols, propose improvements or adjustments to protocols or to consider an operational landscape without them and what might need to change to ensure that the operational impact is mitigated.

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